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We started BYDEAU because the art of gift giving has become lost in the modern world and we wanted to make it fun again.

You don't make someone's day by buying them a boring online gift card that is then delivered to their inbox. It's the whole experience of gift giving that makes it special: the curator making decisions so you don't have to, the elegance of the packaging, the simplicity of the gift, the beauty of fresh flowers. All with the modern conveniences of mobile ordering and on-demand delivery.

It's that people have put thought, love, care, and craftsmanship into this gift. And it's been delivered where you want when you want.

stuck for a gift

You get invited to your sister's house to meet the new baby, and you know you have to bring a beautiful gift...

Or you’ve just moved in, the neighbours invite you over for dinner, and you’re desperate to make a good impression.

But your mind is drawing a blank, and you don't have time to shop around.

Gift giving with BYDEAU

browse + select

You grab your phone for a solution and find BYDEAU's website. You love the variety of flowers and gifts available. You make your selection and tell them where to deliver.

You're done. You sit back, relieved that there's one less task on your to-do list and it only took a few minutes.


When the flowers and gift arrive, the chic packaging impresses your friends and family.

They're thrilled by the gorgeous arrangement of the flowers and giftbox. And they love the extra thought that went into the handwritten note.

You feel good. Your family feels good. It's a special experience for everybody involved.

meet the founder

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Margolin, founder, and CEO of BYDEAU.

I feel like I was wired from birth to be good at gift giving.

Birthdays at my house were legendary. My mom picked a different theme each time and it was always a surprise. It made looking forward to my birthday even more exciting because I couldn't wait to find out what I would experience (and open) on the big day.

I learned from my mother that it's the small things that make celebrating and gift giving special: the cute note, the unique wrapping, the joy of finding out what's inside.

I started my entrepreneurial career with my own event planning company as a certified wedding planner. I learned how to spot trends and make plans come to life on the big day. It was during those years that I honed my customer service and logistics management skills. Prior to founding BYDEAU, I worked as a digital creative consultant specializing in: trend forecasting, luxury branding, + strategy and marketing direction. Today, those skills are the heartbeat of what we offer at BYDEAU. 

As I got older I wanted to my friends and family to feel the same delight. I developed a knack for understanding people's wants and needs on a deep level. I could then pick out a gift that would put a smile on their face (and on mine).

I became addicted to that positive cycle.