Sunflower 101: Facts

Let’s unpack sunflowers...

Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and is the state flower of Kansas. Did you know that the tallest sunflower grown is 25 feet and 5.5 inches tall? Unbelievable isn't it? There is a lot more to learn about this yellow petals and brown headed stems!

1. Native to the America

This happy bloom has an amazing travel journey. The sunflower is native to North America with evidence suggesting that the plant was cultivated in 3000 BC which also may be way before corn was cultivated.

Sunflower in HK

Image by Mel Elias  

2. They Track the Sun

It’s not that all sunflowers track the sun! MYTH BUSTED! Young flower heads track the sun before they fully bloom. When the sunflower reaches their maturity age, it then fixes into a single position and faces east permanently.


Image by Ohtilly

3. Healing Powers

Back in the past, Indigenous North American tribes used sunflowers to aid in curing chest discomfort, kidney problems, and other health issues.

Best sunflowers in central

Image by Mott Rodehea

4. Sunflower seeds

healthy sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds benefits have been trending recently mostly due to their richness in vitamin E and function as antioxidants.

Image by Matt Briney

5. Happy flowers

In total honesty, sunflowers are one of the most cheerful and attractive stems in the flower world. Sunflowers signify love, warmth and has an optimistic aura , isn’t it just hard to not fall in love with them? So if you’re looking for a lovely gift for a dear one or want to brighten up the vibe at home, follow this link:

sunflowers bouquet

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