Hydrangeas 101: Meaning of each color

Life is too short, buy the hydrangea!

Little knowledge boost: the name “Hydrangea” actually comes from Greek words, hydros meaning water and angos meaning jar. Hydrangeas have been around for a quite a while now with many hidden meanings behind flowers embedded into cultural beliefs. Certain color could signify particular emotion. Did you know that the color of hydrangeas, except for white hydrangeas, depends on the acidity of the soil? You can actually do it on your own! Just increase the acidity of your soil and watch your pink hydrangeas turn blue. Coffee grounds and citrus peels can be used to increase the acidity.

Pink hydrangeas

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1. Pink

1. Pink

Pink hydrangeas carry some seriousness with them, shows the feelings of love and sincerity. Do send out some of these pink blooms to celebrate love or even use them as decoration for love-related ceremonies. Also, another meaning would be a “cheerful woman “, which actually originates from France, as it has alkaline soil which makes the hydrangeas turn into a pinkish color symbolizing a happy joyful woman.

2. Blue

A blue hydrangea on the other hand, shows forgiveness, regret and rejection so they’re the perfect gift if you’re looking to make amends with a loved one.

white  hydrangeas
white  hydrangeas

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3. White

White hydrangeas are a symbol of purity, grace and abundance. Not only that, but these beautiful blooms are often sent out as a status symbol representing wealth to boast. Be careful with who you are sending it to! It is believed that the white hydrangea was actually originally blue and was from japan, and it symbolized tolerance.

4. Purple

Purple hydrangeas signify the want for deeper understanding, symbolize abundance, elegance and royalty. Can be easily gifted to anyone!

purple hydrangeas

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green hydrangeas

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5. Green

Generally, green flowers symbolize renewal and rebirth. Green hydrangeas can also represent prosperity, good fortune, good health, and youthfulness. Give these to anyone who needs a fresh start or an injection of positive energy in their life.

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