Using the symbolism of flowers to communicate love, affection and gratitude dates back centuries. Times have changed and some flower meanings have evolved but one thing remains - flowers are still one of the most versatile gifts for any type of occasion. If you have trouble keeping up with the various meanings and are often confused when it comes to choosing the most suitable flowers, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! To make it easier for you, we've put together some general guidelines for picking the right flowers for every occasion.


If you know the recipient well, you're all sorted! If not, try looking up their birth month flower or pick something that reflects their style or their personality. For example, hydrangeas and orchids are associated with elegance, whereas sunflowers and tulips are a great choice for those who are cheerful and easygoing. You should also consider the color of the flowers too. Yellow flowers are perfect for friends and symbolize optimism and joy. 
BYDEAU's Pick: The Amber 

Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary and Romantic Occasions

Red flowers, especially roses, are a mainstay as they represent love and passion but colors like lavender, blush, fuchsia and purple are all great choices too. If your partner is more artistic or adventurous she or he may find roses or carnations too conventional. Other romantic choices are calla lilies, orchids, hydrangeas and tulips (which symbolize "perfect love"). If you are celebrating a major milestone, then consider giving your partner flowers that represent that milestone like daffodils for 10 years, aster for 20 years and lilies for 30 years. Remember to avoid the color yellow which puts them in the friend zone!
BYDEAU's Pick: The Alice


Color plays an important role here as most people make their selection based on the gender of the baby. Pretty and soothing arrangements in pastel shades of blue and pink are a cute and safe bet. Those who think that's too traditional can opt for more neutral choices like yellow and white. Some popular flowers include hydrangea, roses, sunflowers and carnations. BYDEAU'S Pick: The Luisia (choose a hydrangea color to suit the new addition in your life!)

Thank You

Thank You

Being thankful is often best expressed with flowers. Sending a beautiful arrangement with a personalized handwritten note is guaranteed to make the recipient feel happy and appreciated. Pink, peach and yellow colors are popular choices or a colorful bouquet would be a great alternative too. You can't go wrong with most flowers - orchids, tulips, hydrangeas, roses and lilies are all suitable.
BYDEAU's Pick: The Harper

Get Well

Whether the recipient is in hospital or at home, sending flowers to lift their spirits while they are recovering calls for some vibrant and cheerful flowers. Choose an arrangement in a vase or flower box over a bouquet to make it easier for them. Avoid overly fragrant blooms which may not be welcome in a hospital environment. Good choices are tulips, sunflowers, marigolds or orchids. You may even consider sending a flowering houseplant which symbolizes health and wellbeing. BYDEAU's Pick: The Tilly

Get Well

Sympathy and Funeral

As most cultures have their own flower symbolism (especially when it comes to colors) it’s worthwhile doing some research when it comes to sympathy or funeral flowers to avoid offending grieving family members. There are different arrangement types like standing sprays, funeral baskets and wreaths. Muted colors like white, light blue and green are safe color choices as they represent peace and tranquility. While bright colors are generally avoided, purple flowers symbolize strength and yellow signifies a celebration of life. Lilies, carnations, roses and orchids are all popular choices.
BYDEAU's Pick: The Kalina

Just Because!

The truth is you don’t need a special occasion to send flowers to your loved ones. There's nothing better than sending surprise blooms and seeing the smile on their face. So go ahead and make someone’s day with a beautiful bouquet of cheerful, fresh blooms - just because!

While we've given you some tips above, in case you're still not sure what is the right choice for a specific occasion, don't hesitate to contact our experienced florist team and they will give you advice and create a unique custom arrangement just for you!

Just Because