Eco Friendly Tips:

5 Ways to Reuse Our Packaging and Flowers

~ Bye bye bloomie ~

Receiving a hand-tied bouquet makes anyone feel special but eventually, beautiful blooms will wilt and look like they need to be thrown away. All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, as fresh and vibrant as they are, a cut flower bouquet is no exception to this cliche saying! We’ve gathered 5 ways to preserve the memory of any gift by reusing and repurposing bouquets of flowers and gift boxes. Not to mention it's eco-friendly!

Flowers in a Jar 

For the easiest way to preserve a bouquet, we recommend making your own flower jar. When your bouquet is completely dried up (roughly 3 weeks of letting your flowers dry), grab a jar and put snippets of the dried flowers in. You can place your flower jar anywhere at home as a decoration. On another note, doesn’t encasing your dried flowers in jar scream Beauty and the Beast?!

Step 1 DIY Flower Jar Blooms Petals Greens

Step 2 Jars HK Flowers DIY Arts and Crafts Fun for Kids
Flower Jar Capricious Club Final Present Gift Keepsake DIY

Photo via The Capricious Club 

Wall of Flowers

Have a plain, boring, dull wall at home? Showcase all your flower arrangements by hanging them up. This wall will surely add a pop to any plain white room. Guests coming over to visit will love the colorful touch and gentle floral scent.

Home Decor Design Fairy Lights Blooms Flowers Stems
Bedroom Decor Designs Flowers Stems

Photo via Insomniatips

Pressed Flower Coasters

What better way to say thank you to someone for a bouquet than giving them a piece of it back! (ok that didn’t quite make sense... but it will soon!) These DIY pressed flower coasters are the perfect thank you gift. It’s a slightly trickier project to do, but once you get the hang of it. It’ll be the perfect addition to your entertaining arsenal.

Don’t forget, if you're making it for a special someone, keep in mind their favourite flowers when pressing flowers.

Pressed Flower Coaster Gift Final Design DIY
Step 1 Flower Coaster Dried DIY Arts and Crafts
Arts and Craft DIY Final Product Coaster Gift Quick Easy

Photo via Etsy

Bookmark Flowers

The popularity of kindles might be on the rise, but there are plenty of people who still enjoy reading hardcover books.

Every time you open a book, it hits you with that familiar book smell (you know what I’m talking about).

This pressed flower Surprise yourself with the gentle hint of dried flowers.

Photo via Brit+co

Storage Giftbox

Received a BYDEAU flower box or giftbox and you never want to part with it? Our sturdy wooden boxes are the perfect way to increase and tidy your storage space. Here are some of our favourite ways to repurpose our gift boxes:

HK BYDEAU Craft Table Storage Gift Box Eco-friendly
Hong Kong BYDEAU Giftbox Storage Stationary Books
HK BYDEAU Snack Giftbox Storage Eco-friendly Snacks Tea
Hong Kong BYDEAU Cosmetics Makeup Wellness Storage Neat and Tidy

Cover image by Eddie Howell