So, your best friend is expecting a baby, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend her baby shower in Hong Kong. Well, the least you could do is send beautiful flowers for her baby shower. 

“But how do I know which flowers I should get for a baby shower??”

Don't worry, we get this question A LOT! While a party to welcome a baby and celebrate with the expecting mother is a unique celebration, the uniqueness calls for everything to be perfect, right from the baby shower decoration to the baby shower gifts.

Finding the best flowers for the baby shower can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve not attended a baby shower before. In this post, we’ll discuss some interesting baby shower flower ideas. 


Baby showers in Hong Kong are organized after the baby is born as celebrating before birth is considered unlucky. The event is a formal celebration and traditionally comprises an elaborate banquet dinner. 

Family and friends bless the baby and their parents with money in traditional red envelopes to wish them prosperity and abundance. 

Similar to western cultures, people also gift essential baby gear such as baby clothes, swaddling blankets and bibs. 

One of our personal favorites are the hand illustrated books by Sarah Brennan, each one matching the Chinese zodiac's animal - there is the Ping Pong rabbit, Sybil Snake and Pin Yin Panda!

Mothers Day Vase Flowers

Picking the Right Baby Shower Flowers –
4 Useful Tips

Planning to send your sister or friend a gorgeous baby shower bouquet? Check these useful ideas to get you started.

  • Choose flowers without scent as the scent can be harmful to babies with allergies and lead to severe reactions. Some hospitals and nursing stations don’t allow scented flowers.

  • Go bright and light. Pastel hues are perfect for baby showers as they represent the innocence and softness of a new life. With myriads of pinks, blues, and purples, there’s no dearth of stunning pastel shades.

  • Avoid spiky flowers such as blue thistle. Even though the newborn won’t play with the flowers, other young kids at the party, especially those at the “I want to taste everything stage” can ingest dangerous flowers and fall sick. The same goes for pets.

  • Do you want to steer away from the obvious? Try gender neutral themes. You can send yellow, green, peach, red, and even orange flowers.

Flowers for:
Newborn Baby Boy

Blue is typically the color for a boys baby shower. And, the best thing is that there’s no shortage of flowers with the blue color. Hydrangeas top the list when it comes to baby shower flowers for boys. They’re round-shaped, bold, and look classic.

You’ll find different shades of blue in Hydrangeas. So, you can choose how bright or pale you want to go. You can combine Hydrangeas with elegant white flowers to come up with a stunning bouquet for a baby shower.

Flowers for:
Newborn Baby Girl

As much as we try not to stereotype, pink is an all-time favorite color for baby girls. With so many pretty pink flowers on the market, we're spoilt for choice! Pink Roses, hydrangeas or peonies combined with cream, yellow, lilac, or white flowers can make a gorgeous bouquet for a baby shower.

Want to Make a Statement? Try Something Different!

We're not trying to steal the show, but if you want your baby shower flowers to remain the centre of attraction, try something unique. You can pick a hero flower with a bold color or add more greens to the flower arrangement. You can even add some exotic fruits to the flower arrangement to make it more interesting.

Flowers are popular for communicating feelings and messages of love. So, why not create a special message for the baby and their parents? If you already know the baby’s name, we can send a beautiful flower arrangement with the baby’s initials in a flower box!

Near or Far – Send Flowers to a Baby Shower in
Hong Kong in No Time!

If you missed the baby shower or it simply slipped your mind to send the flowers, we totally understand, life takes over sometimes! At BYDEAU, we provide same day flower delivery in Hong Kong. If you want to send lovely flower vases or arrangements to a baby shower in Hong Kong, you can get in touch with us at We take custom orders too!

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