7 Modern Wedding Flowers and Where to Find Them

Because every bride stands to stand out...

It’s no surprise that every bride-to-be wants her wedding day to be a beautiful and magnificent event! Which explains why there are so many distinctive and personalized wedding ideas on the market. The traditional floral arrangements of red or white roses are cast off for rarer flowers and more natural wedding bouquets or even according to the seasons.


These stems are native to South Africa, and they arrive in a range of unique varieties, with dramatic shapes and sizes. There is so much to protea that also compliments the different seasons. They have pastel blooms that go well in summer, and red florals that add into the bohemian theme. Combining white protea and wild green stems into your wedding bouquet will give you a simple and beautiful arrangement.

white protea modern bouquet

Image via Rose and Rings 

Calla lily

Lightly fragrant calla lilies represent "magnificent beauty," and are perfect and in season for spring and summer weddings. It is the first flower that pops up in my head, when thinking about modern wedding flowers, that’s all due to their very classic and simple appearance. They come in a variety of colors too – white, pink, burgundy to name a few!

white calla lily bridal flowers

Image via Woman Getting Married


A very popular winter flower, it is inexpensive and readily available in winter. The blooms offer a pop of flower when added to wild greens or warmer tones. Hellebores look beautiful in a loosely tied bouquet, flower crown, buttonhole, or even as a table centrepiece.
Don’t forget if you're making it for a special someone, keep in mind their favourite flowers when pressing flowers.

Bridal Hellebore Bouquet

Image via Magnolia Rogue


These blooms are waxy and appear rough. The appearance is very exotic, large and long-lasting. They are commonly used as venue decoration especially in hotter climates as they’ll be able to withstand warmer temperatures.

Flower Table Decoration

Image via Occasionally Octavia


Aren’t these flowers just sweethearts? The sweet scent and lively colours are a great addition to any wedding. For a simple arrangement, orchids and peonies would go well together. To make things more vibrant, mix of greens with pink peonies in different shades.

pink peonies bouquet

Image via Occasionally Octavia


These loves are usually tucked away under flowers, but we are completely in support of hydrangeas as the main bloom of the wedding! They come in a beautiful set of colors, making it easy to pick and choose the look for your wedding. It’s on trend to use flooms and blooms on the wedding cake as well. No harm in trying something new!

cake with flowers floral

Image via Megan Black

Cotton Flower

This choice of bloom may or may not come as a surprise. It isn’t as popular as the rest but it definitely makes a statement. The best part about using cotton flowers is that they’re already dried so you can keep them forever after the big day!

white cotton flower

Image via Catharine Noble Photography

All these flowers can be found right here in Hong Kong! We know wedding planning is so stressful sometimes and we’re here to remove the hassle of finding the perfect wedding flowers. Just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you to discuss your needs.

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