We all need an extra boost to feel good these days. Most people find that being in and around nature makes them feel more relaxed and calm. So why not bring the outdoors in and recreate that feeling in your own home! People often underestimate the power of indoor plants so we’re here to share six great reasons why you should adopt a plant, or two, today. We’re convinced it will make for a happier and healthier you! 

Stress buster

We’re down for anything that makes us happier and less stressed, especially in this current environment! Well, that’s exactly what research shows happens to you when you nurture your plants. Caring for them and watching them grow is rewarding and satisfying, resulting in increased happiness. They can help lessen loneliness and depression too.

Take a breath of clean air

We all need to maintain a strong immune system and breathing in clean air is half the battle. Plants help clean the air through photosynthesis and can remove toxins and air pollutants too. So keep your plants close.

Boost your concentration

You’ve heard the claim - plants help improve concentration and productivity. With many people working from home and sharing space with family members, there are lots of distractions so having a houseplant in this situation certainly couldn’t hurt!

Invigorate your space

Isn’t it lovely to live in a space that feels personalized and harmonious? Indoor plants can make your living space more inviting, adding energy and life to it. Spending more time at home than usual has inspired many decorating and DIY projects. Adding houseplants can be an inexpensive way to refresh your space.

Go green

Plants can live a happy and long life provided you treat them nicely. A gift that keeps on giving, season after season, year after year, plants make a great choice for special occasions, housewarmings or just because! Succulents and cacti are hardy plants that thrive with little care and are perfect for plant owners at all levels.

Low maintenance

Anyone can take care of a plant but it’s important to choose wisely. Pick them to suit your space, the lighting you have (not wish you had) and how much time you can invest in them. For those of you who haven’t tested your green thumb, we suggest starting with more forgiving plants that won’t mind if you forget to water them every now and again. The Snake Plant is a safe bet even for you plant-killers out there!

For those with furry friends, picking pet-friendly, non-toxic plants should be a high priority so make sure you do your research first.

Once you get the hang of caring for a plant, start adding to your collection or propagate and share cuttings with your friends.

With so many benefits and plant options out there, what are you waiting for? Make a plant friend today!