11 Times Flowers Looked Good in Food

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Flowers are amazing as home décor, venue decorations, weddings and oh! those romantic proposals...but it can’t be the only thing they are good at! Little did you know, that some flowers are actually edible, taste so good and they just doll up food. And, a little effort in making food look much more appealing might just make your tummy little more happy?


Image by September Wild Flowers and Feast and Table – heart


Lemon or Vanilla flavoured cookies tastes so well with pressed flowers!

Ice Cubes for drinks

Freeze edible flowers for more aesthetically pleasing and fragrant drinks

floral ice cubes

Image by Cultura Colectiva

herbs butter

Image by Matt


This colourful butter spread will definitely bring a smile to the dining table!


Throw some flowers into the batter, and whip out a floral crepe!

flowers crepes

Image by Kose

tasty donuts

Image by Vogue Magazine


This feels like it’s served with an angelic touch to it!


Eating a sad salad isn’t what we promote! Salads don’t have to be boring anymore.

different flowers salad

Image by Taste with the eyes

goat cheese

Image by The Merry Thought

Goat Cheese

When normal cheese, just didn’t do justice!

Smoothie Bowl

Thinking what’s healthy than a smoothie bowl? A Floral Smoothie Bowl!

smoothie bowl with flowers

Image by Selena Mills


Not just a treat, but a visual treat as well!

sunflower lolipop

Image by eHow

edible floral Toast

Image by The View from Great Island


Doesn't it just look like a happy spring party on a breakfast toast?

Cover Image by Unsplash