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Autumn Flowers

With the beautiful hues and tones of fall, interspersed with the textures that make this a special time of year, what better time to enjoy a customized flower arrangement than in the fall? With a fabulous variety of flowers to use at this time, including Calla Lilies, Eucalyptus, Dahlias and Sunflowers, we are sure to create an arrangement to fit this season perfectly.

We have the ultimate fall flower collection to suit your tastes and will expertly package and deliver them to your Hong Kong address.

Autumn flower box | BYDEAU Hong Kong | Same Day Delivery

The Anona


The Auburn

From $700.00

The Stephanie Peach Rose Vase Arrangement | BYDEAU Hong Kong

The Stephanie


The Aperol

From $800.00

The Amazon White Orchids + Roses | BYDEAU Hong Kong

The Amazon