The festive season is upon us and that means as well as decking the halls, it’s also time to gather your friends and family for cozy dinner parties that will have you chatting and laughing into the early hours. Let’s face it, no table is complete without a beautiful centerpiece - it’s the icing on the cake. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite centerpiece ideas so that you can add those all important finishing touches to your table to take it from ordinary to fabulous!

Tip: You want guests to be able to converse merrily across the table so avoid placing overly tall arrangements in the middle of the table.

Table garlands

Nothing screams festive like a table garland. Eucalyptus is a popular pick because it’s minimalist, modern and has a refreshing scent. Spread candles, pine cones and decorative baubles throughout. Or for a fun DIY project, try dried orange and cinnamon sticks. You can make it as simple or dramatic as you like!

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Christmas Flowers
Custom Flower Vase

Unexpected color theme

If you want to create something totally photo-worthy, veer away from the traditional festive color palette of reds and greens and choose unexpected colors and interesting flower combinations for a dramatic and eyecatching effect that will have your guests oohing and aahing all night. Add taper candles in metallic colors for that finishing touch.

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Neutral colors

On the flip side, if you’re not the dramatic or showy kind (not suggesting you’re a wallflower either!) you may prefer more understated centerpieces that complement your tablescape. Neutral flowers go with anything and an arrangement in cooler tones lends elegance and brings a sense of nature to the table. It will also pop beautifully against more colorful linens and tableware.

BYDEAU'S Pick: The Faith

The Faith
The Hestia

Shake it up!

Instead of a more classic flower vase consider a stylish flower box or something unexpected like a dim sum box to display your festive blooms. Our choice is a bright festive color like red which brings instant cheer to your table! 

BYDEAU's Pick: The Hestia

Single flower type

For a modern and cohesive look, opt for a single flower type and color and then repeat. Pick a flower you love - beautiful hydrangeas work well for this - and place them in a row along the center of the table or if you have a round table, you can group them in varying heights of vases. Make sure you use three or more vases to create the necessary impact.

BYDEAU's Pick: The Genevieve or The Skadi

Just Because

Bud vases

For a lot of visual interest without overpowering the table, place a series of smaller or miniature vases in varying heights and sizes, often called bud bases (as they can only hold a few stems). The idea here is to decide on a color theme - monochromatic or tone-on-tone works well - and flower styles that complement each other. Place them intentionally but don’t be too uniform or structured. The idea is for it to look natural.

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Lastly, if your plan for a party is having friends over for drinks and canapes and you won’t be sitting down for dinner, consider an interesting wreath arrangement. You can make it festive by accenting it with candles and fruits and place it on a buffet table or kitchen table for guests to gather around.

Enjoy the festive season!

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