There’s nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving and that’s exactly what a plant does. Provided that you treat them well, plants will happily reward you by boosting your mood and productivity while promoting a harmonious environment. All homes thrive with living energy and one way to welcome that vital energy into your space is through feng shui and the thoughtful selection and placement of certain types of plants. Here are our top five picks for enhancing the flow of positive energy in your home to improve your health, wealth and wellbeing.

Snake Plants

The snake plant’s upward growth encourages good qi while its long sword-like leaves are said to shield against negative energy. Consider placing them in areas of your home where you feel there is stagnant energy as snake plants can cut through the negativity and cultivate more uplifting vibes. Super easy-going, they can tolerate areas with lower levels of light.

BYDEAU's Pick: The Samson

The Samson
The Bennett

Jade Plants

The jade plant or money plant is considered auspicious because of its thick, fleshy coin-shaped leaves which are believed to attract wealth and prosperity. A great choice for office spaces, jade plants are low maintenance and thrive in bright indirect sunlight near a south or west-facing window.

BYDEAU's Pick: The Bennett

Autograph Plants

This leafy houseplant has beautifully thick and healthy looking paddle-like leaves which are well known for their air filtering properties. Autograph plants are remarkably sturdy and easy to care for. These plants are fast growing and love high humidity and bright light so they thrive in tropical climates.

BYDEAU'S Pick: The Oakley

Photo credit: Houseplant Central

The Oakley
The Hestia


Orchids are believed to increase luck and fertility as well as balance the flow of energy within your home. They are said to boost levels of happiness and foster good relationships with your loved ones so consider placing them in your bedroom, living room or by the front door to encourage positive and long-lasting qi.

BYDEAU's Pick: The Gratitude

Anthuriums & Peace Lilies

With their large heart-shaped spathes in shiny, waxy colors ranging from red to light pink, anthuriums attract positive energy and are associated with good fortune and prosperity. Symbolizing hospitality, they are often placed prominently in entryways to welcome visitors into homes or offices.

Peace lilies are a favorite for naturally eliminating toxins and canceling many of the allergens that are found in our homes. They calm and harmonize the energy of the house or office space. 

BYDEAU's Pick: The Logan

Just Because