7 Traditional Wedding Flowers and Where to Find Them

Every bride is beautiful in her own way...

Wedding flowers have an important role in a wedding, from setting the tone to providing the fragrance. Flowers aren’t just for decoration in Hong Kong, it’s also known to be auspicious and is widely used for traditions. Every bloom has its own meaning and flowers are forever known to be most helpful in conveying romantic language but let’s dig better into each stem you choose!


It's no surprise that roses pop up as the first most beloved wedding flowers—they're the ultimate choice of flowers. Being the upmost element of passion, love and splendour, they are also available year-round in different colours and sizes.

white and red roses

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bridal flowers

A delightful flower that signifies an everlasting commitment and bond, making them pretty perfect for weddings. The beauty in them is that, they come with options of giving a bold look or a subtle vibe. Best time to spot these versatile blooms is in summer, so they are in season now! You can pair them up with some leafy greens or the classic roses.

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The popular and comforting tulip indicates love and joy. They can be perfect centrepieces or your bridesmaid’s bouquets without breaking the bank! For a bright summer wedding, an assortment of peonies, tulips and sweets pea will look amazing. For a classier and subtle vibe, combine it with tulips.

white bridal flowers tulips

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Sunflowers are a symbol of adoration and loyalty, and we can explain why! The head of the sunflower is known to follow the direction of the sun. These charming and classic blooms will add a bright pop of colour and cheerfulness to the wedding.

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Baby’s Breath

A very interesting name, wouldn't you agree? Baby Breath are a symbol of innocence and pureness, and have been widely used in wedding planning. They last long and have such sweet uniqueness to them. They look good as centrepieces, chair decor or even on the wedding cake.


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 floral decor

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This virtuous flower is special to the Chinese culture which shows the ideals of a happy harmonious togetherness, it's a beautifull add on of Asian flair to a Chinese wedding. It has been used, where the flower is placed inside the glass bowl, as the table centrepiece for the guests or even at the wedding reception table.


The Victorian symbolization for this bloom is "marital happiness", making it one of the most traditional a bride can carry. The star-shaped flower has to be carefully assembled by the florist, but this classic choice for a formal wedding is worth all the efforts!

white stephanotis flower

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All these flowers can be found right here in Hong Kong! We know wedding planning is so stressful sometimes and we’re here to remove the hassle of finding the perfect wedding flowers. Just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you to discuss your needs.