5 Ways to Style Your Home with Auspicious Blooms
this Chinese New Year

At Chinese New Year, flowers are chosen not only for their beauty and visual impact but for their special significance and symbolic meanings that represent good fortune, happiness, growth and prosperity.

We round up five ways to welcome auspicious flowers into your home, or to gift to family and friends, this new year.

The Elegant Entrance

What better way to be greeted than with a vibrant display of flowers! Choose something simple yet striking for that lasting first impression.Lucky blooms: Orchids are popular year-round flowers for their elegance and symbolization of abundance, luxury, fertility and family values. Bright yellow Oncidiums, also known as “Dancing Lady” orchids are often favored at the new year as their tiny yellow flowers resemble sprouting gold coins. Try a bountiful bunch in a sculptured vase for a more modern take on tradition.

BYDEAU's Pick: The Spring 

The Spring
Table Arrangement

Bespoke Centerpieces

A round dining table looks great when styled with a single floral centerpiece, while longer tables can be beautifully accented with a row of vases or a long arrangement. Meaningful blooms in vibrant colors such as red, orange, purple and fuschia signify wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Let the BYDEAU team create unique and bespoke floral arrangements to wow your guests this new year!

Beautiful Branches in Porcelain Vases

Create some grandiosity with tall branches, such as pussy willows and peach blossoms styled in elegant blue and white vases.

 Lucky blooms: The pussy willow is a favorite flower for Chinese New Year, signifying the coming of Spring. Their fluffy white blossoms resemble silk and with their tall height they represent growth and the abundance of fortune. They make a great addition to house plants as some can last well after the new year. Peach blossoms are a staple at Lunar New Year symbolizing romance, prosperity, longevity and growth. 

BYDEAU's Pick: The Ginger Jar Arrangements

Ginger Jar ArrangementGinger Jar Arrangement
healthy sunflower seeds

Stylish Consoles

Make your space come alive with an eye-catching floral arrangement. A gorgeous display can take your console and buffet tables from low-key to fabulous in no time!

Lucky blooms: A striking collection of chrysanthemums, carnations, roses and orchids in red, purple, orange and gold will add to the festivity of any occasion. Considered a noble flower in Chinese culture, chrysanthemums represent longevity, wealth and good fortune.  

BYDEAU's Pick: The Portia

Accented Pops of Color

Continue the festive theme around your home by accenting side tables and bookshelves with vibrant pops of color in unique and smaller-scale designs. Use flowers that draw from the colors and tones of your larger arrangements to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Lucky blooms: Mokara orchids, roses and celosia (otherwise known as cockscomb). The celosia is closely associated with the rooster because its appearance is reminiscent of a rooster’s comb. As the word rooster in Chinese rhymes with the word luck, the celosia is believed to attract good fortune making it a popular choice, especially in red, for the festive season.

BYDEAU's Pick: The Abigail and The Halona

sunflowers bouquet sunflowers bouquet